Mobile's Best Adventure

You might not want to leave!

Our Crew

Being born and raised in the Mobile area, I was fortunate to spend my weekends and summers with my family on Mon Louis Island. In my family, things like catching red fish, speckled trout, swinging from the rope at the swimming hole, learning to eat crawfish, and popping out on a kneeboard are all rites of passage. Boating and fishing the surrounding waters with my grandfather gave me a passion and appreciation for this amazing resource that we share and protect.

A few years after college, I moved home with my beautiful wife Koko. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with life on the water. We enjoy being on the water with our children and thank God for the opportunity to pass on these experiences, watch their passions grow, and instill the same appreciation that was instilled in me.

We are locally-owned and operated. Our goal is to provide a safe, fair-priced, fun-filled adventure that keeps you coming back to see us. Come take a ride on our Sea Doo Watercrafts and let us share our passion with you.


-Ryan and Koko

"A river is more than an amenity, it's a treasure."

Dog River

Dog River is 8 miles of fun in Mobile County! The watershed is a brackish river (a mixture of fresh and saltwater) and opens into beautiful Mobile Bay. Most of the land around the river is privately owned, which makes Dog River more of a neighborhood than an open waterway. The community of Dog River is very vibrant! Aside from the waterfront homes, Dog River has several live-aboard marinas and plays host to music festivals, fishing tournaments, sail boat races, and many other events. 

Fowl River

Fowl River is a 14.4 mile long river in south Mobile County. This brackish river system splits into East Fowl River discharging into Mobile Bay and West Fowl River discharging into the Mississippi Sound.

Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island is the farthest southern landmass in Mobile County. It is situated at the mouth of Mobile Bay. It is the primary barrier island for Alabama’s west coast, with the Gulf of Mexico to the south and the Mississippi sound and Mobile Bay to the north.¬†